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Advantages of Using In-Ear Monitors Compared To Wedges

In-Ear Monitors

In-ear monitors are devices which are used by audio engineers, musicians on stage, etc. who listen to music and check the right sound quality of the music performed. This device is fitted in the ears of the musician so that he can hear the sound without any disturbance. It is a perfect monitoring system and offers come with various advantages. Look for best in ear monitors for drummers 2018 by visiting various online sites. It offers a safe and better on stage experience. The link talks about the effort taken by a musician to transform music into visual art.

The article below lists the various advantages of using in-ear monitors compared to wedge monitors.

Excellent Sound Quality
Musicians expect their sound quality to be superior. This can be monitored with the help of in-ear monitors or wedge monitors. The use of wedge monitors does not allow you to hear the sound for yourself as there are other disturbances. The in-ear monitors are capable of delivering clear sound to your ears in spite of the disturbances available in the venue. This makes it easy to adjust the sound quality. This offers a better sound of your performance for your audience, and it boosts your confidence.

Optimal Volume
Sound engineers when making use of monitor wedges end up in a volume war. Musicians feel it difficult to hear them. They ask the engineers to turn them up. The sound quality worsens if the room has poor acoustics. With the help of in-ear monitor, you can enjoy optimal volume and perfect sound quality similar to that of in-house studio even when you perform in a live concert outdoors.

Eliminates Feedback
You might have noticed a strong buzzing and humming sound during live musical shows. This sound is nothing but the feedback. This happens when the amplified sound is re-amplified by a microphone. Feedback normally occurs when you place microphone and monitor speakers close together. When the performers ask to turn on their mics this feedback is inevitable. This can be avoided by making use of an in-ear monitor.

Protects Your Ears
When making use of wedge monitors you are more likely to be exposed to loud sound. This may affect your ears. Though earplugs may help you to avoid the damage to your ears, they try to alter the frequency. The use of in-ear monitor protects your ears from unwanted noise and delivers the sound which is required for your ears. You can make use of the control in your hand to adjust the volume so that you do not damage your ear.

Reduced Vocal Strain
Singers making use of wedge monitors end up in offering more strain to the vocal cord. They could not hear their singing, and they try to increase their voice. But the use of in-ear monitors helps singers to hear their voice clearly, so it does not cause any strain on their vocal cord.

The wedge monitors are heavier than in-ear monitors. Thus it is difficult to carry them for live performances. The in-ear monitors are small device and can be carried easily without any strain.
The above are the various advantages of using an in-ear monitor for monitoring the sound quality.