Participate in the Rainbow Riches Slot Games for More Fun

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Playing casino games on an online platform can be a thrilling experience and a profitable way to spend your free time. If you happen to be that person who wants to play online games then, there are a lot of exciting options waiting for you. Among all the slot games, you can play rainbow riches slots game on cazino and can assure that a lot of fun is bound to come your way. Click here and know the winning probabilities of different online casino games.

If you are in search of games that can bring fortune your way, then you are in the right place. The review will help you get essential pieces of information about the best Irish slot games which will take you towards significant winning amounts. Earlier the Rainbow Riches slot games appeared as fruit machines that were mostly found in pubs in several regions of the United Kingdom. Barcrest Casinos closely studied the features of the game and converted it into a slot game which is still played by many casino players.

The theme of the slot game mainly is based on a character named leprechaun. However, the idea is straightforward and simple but displays bright colors and graphics that make it more fascinating for the player. If you get the winning combinations after the reels are spun, then you get gold pots and lucky rainbows at every level. To secure a payout, all you have to do is line up three matching symbols from left to the right. The more the matching symbols, the more the amount of money you can win from the game.

The main character appears a lot of time on the screen and also has a special place in the reels. The rainbow riches slot game comprises of five reels and ten pay lines where you can wager 10p as per every spin. You need a combination of the fun symbol to secure a big payout after every level. The gamble option enables you to increase the winning amount twice the actual. You need to click on the GAMBLE button to activate the feature.

Rainbow Riches Slot game doubles the excitement of the player by offering them many bonus rewards. It includes three startling bonus level where the player has to walk through a road to find his pot of gold coins. In the second level, the player needs to stop at scattering symbols where the combination lets him maximize the winnings. And in the third level, the gambler gets a chance to increase the betting amount to fifty times only if he can line up all the gold pots.

In the classic road to riches, the bonus level ensures you the break to multiply the betting amount to 500 times. The far you walk down the street, the more you increase your chances of winning big bucks. Along with the winning sum, it brings about a lot of excitement and suspense regardless of the outcome. A massive pot of gold awaits those lucky players who make their way to the very end of the road.